Jan 6, 2021



The IDO Adjudication and Education Department will be launching the IDO Adjudication Lecture Series online as from Monday 18th January 2021.

The lectures will be conducted by professionals from all around the globe and led by IDO Adjudication Director Prof Dr. Velibor Srdic, IDO Education Director Fiona Johnson and Departmental Directors. Lecturers include:

• Argentine Tango – Vedran Marceta, Bosnia and Herzegovina

• Bachata – Antonio Berardi, Italy

• Ballet – Tina D’Artnall, South Africa

• Caribbean Show – Michalina Podolska Borecka, Poland

• Disco Dance – Giancarlo Tarabella, Italy

• Disco Dance Freestyle- Ida Craig, Norway

• Disco Dance Show – Lida Karlik Fisrova, Czech Republic

• Electric Boogie /Popping – Marlon Swoosh, United Kingdom

• Jazz Dance – Iwona Orzelowska, Poland

• Latin Style – Theodoros Tsaganos, Greece

• Lyrical Jazz- Breanna Willis, Canada

• Modern & Contemporary Dance – Mitja Popovski, Slovenia

• Oriental Dance- Ekaterina Lutsko, Russian Federation

• Productions – Ralf Josat, Germany

• Salsa – Simone San Filippo Tabo, Italy

• Show Dance – Ralf Josat, Germany

• Street Dance Show – Ana Vodisek, Slovenia

• Tap Dance – Nancy Chippendale, United States of America

It is expected to have more lecturers, and this will be announced in due course. The lectures will be promoted daily on the IDO website and social media platforms.

The adjudication lectures will be conducted virtually via Zoom and will allow all attendees to refresh their IDO licenses for a 3-year period. All seminars are free of charge with enrolments to be done via the IDO website and your national member organization. The first seminars will be held between the 18th and 22nd January 2021 and include:

• Jazz Dance – Iwona Orzelowska, Poland

• Bachata – Antonio and Jasmina Berardi, Italy

• Electric Boogie /Popping- Marlon Swoosh, United Kingdom

The IDO hopes that as many of our members will take part!

#ILoveIDO #IDOWorldDance