List of IDO Disciplines

Performing Arts department

Tap Dance and Show Dance are two IDO disciplines, that are already classic IDO dances, always spectacular and entertaining both stemming from a long tradition. Newer on the horizon are such dances as Jazz Dance, Modern Dance and Oriental dances.

Acrobatic Dance
Ballet / Pointe
Folk Dance Festival
Folk Dance Show
Jazz / Lyrical Dance
Modern / Contemporary Dance
Oriental / Belly Dance
Oriental / Belly Dance Folk
Oriental / Belly Dance Show
Production (World Cup)
Show Dance
Tap Dance

Street Dance department

These are the IDO dances which are at the moment extremely popular amongst young people around the world. Dances like HipHop, Disco, Electric Boogie and Break Dance are not only popular on the competition floor, but also in discotheques and other places of entertainment too.

Disco Dance
Disco Dance Freestyle
Street Dance Show
Break Dance
Electric Boogie
Hip Hop Team Battle
Hip Hop Solo Battle

Couple Dances department

Some of these dances are traditional favorites all over the world. Salsa and Argentine Tango have probably some of the largest dance communities in the world today. Salsa de Rueda, Merengue, American Mambo, Bugg, Mixing Blues as well as Jitterbug and Disco Fox/Disco Swing are other popular dances. There are also relatively new dances in the IDO rostrum such as Latino Show and Synchro dancing.

Argentine Tango
Tango, Tango Escenario,
Tango Milonga, Tango Vals
Salsa Rueda de Casino
Salsa Shines
Caribbean Dances
Bachata, Merengue, Salsa
Caribbean Show
Street Latino
West Coast Swing
Couple Dance Master Showcase
Latino Show
Special Couple Dance Teams and Formations

Other dances

Syncro Dance