May 17, 2023


- Press Release 22/2023

“Work hard with your choreographers, trainers and teachers to compete with the best of the world.”

– Michael Wendts message for the IDO Community

Who does not know about RIESA?!

Magical German City hosts the IDO World Show Dance Championships which will be held from the 13th of June till the 17th of June 2023. The host, IDO Honorary President Michael Wendt took some time off the busy days and answered some of our questions. More bellow

Tell us more about yourself and your work.

My name is Michael Wendt, I am currently the IDO Honorary President, and was part of the IDO board since 1998 and a founding member of the new IDO. My aim was to develop the best Dance Sport Federation worldwide in the dances which are not under the guidance of WDC and WDSF. And we are!

It has been a while since the last Show Dance Championship, are you excited and what do you expect in 2023?

Yes, very excited. We have been organizing the IDO World Show Dance Championships since I have started in 1990 with a World Cup in Hamburg Germany. And each year we had the experience from the year before. Now we must see how many dancers will attend and then make another great IDO World Show Dance Championship again.

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Not possible – let other people do this.

What are your biggest challenges as organizer?

To guarantee a balance between the interests of the dancers, judges, the IDO, the big audience and the hosting City. In the end, the event must be a win-win for everybody.

You have been organizing competitions for so long, what is your favourite moment from the previously organized events? Ok pick 3 :)

They were all great from 1991 till 2019 with different levels each year – rising levels. – My personal favourites are the exciting Formations and “showy” Production. That is “show time” at its best I Riesa!

What to expect in Riesa?

The Mayor, the City of Riesa and we will do our best for another outstanding IDO World Show dance Championships – and have the Best of the Best in IDO compete for the GOLD again. We invite all IDO show dancers to qualify and compete in the SACHSENarena in Riesa!

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