How to become an IDO adjudicator?


Anyone holding a National Judging License and who is nominated by their National Federation may take the
Adjudicator's Examination. Supplementary Examinations may only be taken in the subjects in which you are
licensed by your own federation.


You can find the rules regarding adjudicating in IDO Rules Book, section VI, begininig on page 40.


Candidate pays general Adjudicators' examination fee 100 EUR. Supplementary examination fee is free of charge. If the candidate passes the exam, then they will pay an additional 50 Euro for the lifetime license.

Structure of exam

The IDO Adjudicator's Examination consists of two parts:

  1. The Theoretical section (General Exam which is written and the Supplementary exam,
    which is oral or written)
  2. The Practical section, mock judging exam.

Supplementary exam covers disciplines that the candidate wants to judge.
The Theoretical part of the Adjudicator's Examination will last from 60 to 120 minutes, and must be taken in written form using the English language. The assistance of an interpreter selected by IDO will be available on request, with the understanding that the expenses for such assistance will be paid for by the candidate concerned.


All questions on the exam will be covered by lecturer during the seminar which is given prior to exam. To pass theoretical exam, at least 75% of the given questions must be answered correctly. The questions for this portion of the examination have been drawn from the following material:
(All of the information listed below can be found in the IDO Rules Book, except Skating system)

The New Three Dimensional Scoring System.


For further questions please contact IDO Vicepresident and Adjudication Director.