Apr 30, 2023


- Press Release 20/2023
Dear dance friends around the world,

I congratulate you on a unique holiday, which is intended for everyone who loves and lives dance.

Dance is definitely a universal language. On the day of International Dance Day, April 29, when the anniversary of the birth of the creator of modern ballet Jean-Georges Noverre is celebrated, we are even more united regardless of cultural, religious, national and any other differences.

Dance is everyday life and dance is our life. Selflessly share all the positive values of dance at every opportunity.

I also welcome all those dancers who are not able to be with us, especially those dancers and friends from war-affected areas. I want dancers and dance teachers to enjoy, experiment and freely express their emotions.

“Ars longa, vita brevis.”

Prof.dr.sc. Velibor Srdic

IDO President

#IDOWorldDance #ILoveIDO