Jul 15, 2023


- Press Release 35/2023
The fresh wind keeps on blowing into IDO as a new modern logo has been presented and approved at the AGA 2023 at the begging of July in Copenhagen, Denmark. The rebranding of a known visual logo is a very difficult task, but it has been positively accomplished by the IDO Marketing and Communications Department. The new logo follows modern trends at the same time preserving the identity of IDO and what it presents. As stated by IDO Vice President of Marketing and Communications Trajce Petkovski:

With over 80 registered designers and over 100 variations of logos, with the great help of Mr Sinisa Tomic, professor of graphic design, we managed to reach the final solution of the new modern IDO logo.

Soon every IDO national member will receive their own country's IDO logo to proudly use in all their social media and other outlets. We thank the IDO Marketing and Communications Department for this amazing modern fresh new look and let the future of IDO be even brighter.