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by Trajce Petkovski


After the resounding success of the International Relations Forum held last December, the International Dance Organization (IDO) is thrilled to extend its commitment to inclusivity. The forum provided a valuable platform for global discussions on international relations, fostering a sense of unity and cooperation. In the aftermath of this enlightening event, the IDO is proud to release a clear and emphatic statement emphasizing inclusivity as a core value. This declaration underscores the organization's dedication to promoting diversity, embracing various perspectives, and fostering an environment where everyone can come together and 'dance' harmoniously in the realm of international relations.

Dear IDO Family and Friends,
The International Dance Organization is a worldwide organization where the culture of aesthetic movement is recognized as both art and sport. IDO’s diverse organizational and membership structure is unique, well respected, and integral to the success of the last two decades.

With passion, the IDO enters 2024 with great ambition, having just experienced a historical year with record-breaking participation, elevated championship standards, and global unity through our love for dance. Our Family has become bigger and stronger, which provides us new opportunities to further enhance our programs and events. We are enthusiast to see you dancing, choreographing, and judging… in short - enjoying the art of dance and dance sport in all its forms.

Breaking at the Olympics
This year is special for the entire dance community as “Breaking”, a discipline in our Street Dance - Urban genre, is included in the program of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. Everyone involved in dance or who simply enjoys dancing, should be very proud of this time in history. Proudly speaking, it was the IDO who organized the first World Championships in Breaking in 1984. We look forward to the art of dance and dance sport receiving more of this distinct recognition in the future.

No Space for Negative Practises
We know that dance business or the world, for that matter, cannot be appropriated by one person, organization, or society, even if it is considered as “sport” - Dance belongs to everyone. Although dance is growing worldwide, the dance community is not united enough to overcome all of its challenges. On the contrary, some opinion-making and decision-making leaders are prioritizing organizational, profit-based policies instead of people and their rights. Rumours, such as “banning” or “excluding” dancers, adjudicators, etc. from events, because they are affiliated with other organizations, are surely causing damage to the global dance community and the future of dance. The IDO condemns such practises! We pride ourselves being of high standards, with strong ethics and loyalty. Our focus is to provide a friendly educational, and exciting dance experience where we share our love of dance with all citizens of the world.

Upholding Sport Freedom
Participation in sports shall be based on freedom to choose one's sporting pursuits, aligning with international policy frameworks that advocate for this right. Notably, the International Charter of Physical Education, Physical Activity, and Sport, as adopted by UNESCO, explicitly acknowledges the right of every individual to partake in physical education and sport. This charter emphasizes that access to sports should be preserved without discrimination of any kind and encourages the creation of opportunities for all segments of society.

No One Can Limit Participation in Sport
To further strengthen statements regarding the ‘rights to participate in sport’, “freedom of choice”, “equality and non-discrimination” we may refer to a press release from the Court of Justice of the European Union (Grand Chamber); it states: “Following the European Commission and the General Court, the Court of Justice in its judgment confirms that the rules of the International Skating Union, which empower it to subject international skating competitions to its approval and to impose severe penalties on athletes who take part in unauthorised competitions, are unlawful because they are not subject to any guarantee ensuring that they are transparent, objective, non-discriminatory and proportionate. They give the ISU a clear advantage over its competitors and have unfavourable effects for athletes as well as consumers and broadcast audiences.” Legal experts in sports-related cases have said that this decision could affect other sports and become as significant as the 1995 court ruling involving Belgian soccer player Jean-Marc Bosman, which paved the way for the free movement of players in the EU (sentence taken from Reuters article).

IDO Respects Human Dignity and Human Rights
We are strongly convinced that the IDO is on the right track, committed to enabling the prevention of human dignity and human rights violations linked to art of dance and dance sport, and upholding the Sporting Chance Principles, which reflects in the protection of every individual within the IDO Family. Therefore, the doors are open to all individuals passionate about dance, irrespective of their affiliation, background, origin, nationality, race, ethnicity, religious belief, skin colour, age, gender, language, social origin, physical, emotional, mental and intellectual ability, sexual preference, political or other belief, and place or type of residence. This ensures an inclusive and respectful environment where everyone can express themselves and grow through the art of dance and dance sport.

Freedom and Inclusion in Dance
IDO is an organization where the “freedom of dance” is top priority, ensuring an environment devoid of “pressure, ban, or exclusion” due to being “different” or “affiliated elsewhere”. Intimidation practices and the infringement of human rights have no place in sports! The IDO is steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding its family members from such practices, consistently and universally.

If you yearn for true “liberty”, free from restraint or judgment, then IDO is your home. Welcome to an environment where your passion meets our dedication to a healthy and inclusive dancing experience. Let’s “Break a Leg” in 2024, together!


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