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by Trajce Petkovski

Latino and Synchro Dance Committee Charts Course for International Success

The Latino and Synchro Dance Committee convened a crucial online meeting on 21.02.2024, featuring 16 distinguished delegates passionate about advancing the development of Latino and Synchro dance disciplines at the national and international levels. The meeting, chaired by the esteemed Edilio Pagano from Italy, focused on strategic initiatives to propel these disciplines to new heights.

Key highlights of the meeting include:

Development of Latino and Synchro Disciplines: The committee engaged in extensive discussions regarding the advancement of both Latino and Synchro dance disciplines at the national level. Participants shared insights, experiences, and best practices to foster growth and excellence within these captivating dance forms.

Support for European Championship in Portoroz: The committee expressed its commitment to supporting the upcoming European Championship in Portoroz. Delegates acknowledged the significance of such events in showcasing the talent and cultural richness of Latino and Synchro dance on the European stage.

Endorsement for World Championships in Skopje: The committee enthusiastically endorsed the World Championships in Skopje, recognizing the global platform it provides for dancers to exhibit their skills and compete at the highest level. This endorsement underscores the committee's dedication to promoting international collaboration and competition.

Chairmanship by Edilio Pagano: The meeting was presided over by Edilio Pagano, a prominent figure in the dance community from Italy. His leadership and expertise provided valuable guidance to the committee as they charted the course for the future of Latino and Synchro dance.

Continued Support for IDO: Participants expressed their satisfaction with the International Dance Organization (IDO) and pledged to continue supporting the organization due to the remarkable success of Latino and Synchro disciplines in the past year in Skopje.

As the committee looks forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, their collective dedication and passion for Latino and Synchro dance promise a vibrant and thriving future for these captivating art forms.

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