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Executive Secretary:
Mrs. Kirsten Dan Jensen

by Trajce Petkovski

IDO Hosts Adjudicators' Examination Seminar Led by President Velibor Srdic and Executive Secretary Kirsten Dan Jensen

The International Dance Organization (IDO) proudly organized an enriching Adjudicators' Examination Seminar, featuring the esteemed presence of IDO President Prof. Dr. Velibor Srdic and Executive Secretary Kirsten Dan Jensen. This impactful event welcomed 25 dedicated candidates from 14 countries, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing development of the worldwide dance community.

The Adjudicators' Examination Seminar, held on 15.09.2023, was a remarkable opportunity for dance enthusiasts and professionals to refine their skills, gain valuable insights, and contribute to the growth of the dance discipline. Participants came from various corners of the globe, demonstrating the truly international reach of IDO and the universal appeal of dance.

One of the distinguishing aspects of this seminar was its dual purpose. In addition to providing training for new candidates aspiring to become certified IDO adjudicators, the event also served as a refresher seminar for IDO-licensed adjudicators. This approach to continuous learning and improvement reflects IDO's commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the world of dance adjudication.

During the seminar, President Velibor Srdic and Executive Secretary Kirsten Dan Jensen shared their extensive knowledge and expertise with the participants. Their guidance and mentorship were invaluable in shaping the future of dance adjudication and enhancing the capabilities of those already in the field.

The seminar's comprehensive curriculum covered various aspects of dance adjudication, including technical knowledge, judging ethics, and the latest trends in the dance industry. Participants engaged in lively discussions, practical exercises, and hands-on learning experiences that deepened their understanding of the art and science of dance assessment.

President Velibor Srdic expressed his enthusiasm for the seminar, stating, "The Adjudicators' Examination Seminar is a testament to our dedication to the art of dance and the professionals who help shape its future. We are delighted to provide a platform for both aspiring and experienced adjudicators to expand their knowledge and contribute to the global dance community."

Executive Secretary Kirsten Dan Jensen added, "Dance is a universal language, and the role of adjudicators is pivotal in ensuring its integrity and growth. We are proud to have facilitated this seminar and to continue fostering excellence in dance adjudication."

The International Dance Organization remains committed to nurturing the talents and skills of individuals who play a crucial role in the world of dance. Through events like the Adjudicators' Examination Seminar, IDO reaffirms its dedication to the promotion and advancement of dance as a cherished form of artistic expression and cultural exchange.

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