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by Trajce Petkovski

IDO Senior Vice President's Productive Visit to Macao and Hong Kong

In a testament to the International Dance Organization's (IDO) commitment to fostering global dance communities, the Senior Vice President, Ms. Fiona Johnson, recently embarked on a significant visit to Macao and Hong Kong. The visit, which coincided with the Tafisa Board Meeting and the 17th ASFAA Congress, proved to be both successful and fruitful, further solidifying IDO's presence in the Asian dance scene.

During the Tafisa Board meeting and the ASFAA Congress, which took place from March 13th to 16th 2024 in Macao, China, over 120 attendees, including representatives from local, Chinese, and overseas dance communities, convened to exchange ideas and insights (more on ).

The primary objective of the meeting was to deepen IDO's understanding of the vibrant dance scene in Macao together with the key stakeholders Mr. Nathan Lam and Regina Lam. Through constructive dialogue and information sharing, the IDO gained valuable insights into the local dance culture, heritage, and current challenges. This exchange not only enriched IDO's knowledge but also paved the way for future collaboration and support within the Macao dance community.

Following the successful engagement in Macao, the IDO Senior Vice President then proceeded to Hong Kong, where she met with representatives including Mrs. Virginia Law, Wan Hung, and others. The discussions focused on furthering IDO's understanding of the unique dynamics and challenges faced by the dance community in Hong Kong, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic.

The exchange of ideas and perspectives during the visit provided invaluable insights that will inform IDO's strategies for supporting and empowering dancers in the region.

As the visit concluded on a high note, with spirits and energy running high, the IDO reaffirmed its commitment to fostering a strong network of dance enthusiasts and professionals across Asia. Through continued engagement, collaboration, and support, the IDO aims to catalyse positive change and elevate the dance community to new heights and opportunities.

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