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by Trajce Petkovski


As the new IDO season is in full swing with meetings and preparations, we are reaching out to all valued members of the International Dance Organization (IDO), and bringing their attention to crucial updates and information that directly impact their involvement with our esteemed organization.

Our IDO President, Prof Mr. Velibor Srdic, has penned a comprehensive letter addressing key matters that require your attention. Please take a moment to read his insightful guidance below.

Dear IDO National member organization,

Dear IDO Contact person,


IDO has always been proud of its diverse membership structure that is unique in the World dance scene. As we have noticed that some of you might be in doubt about the rights and duties of your IDO memberships, we are free to formulate the following letter to clarify possible questions.

The process of becoming a new members and contact persons can be stressful, so we are sending some valuable points for the existing and future members.



(IDO By-Laws, Article 3: Other Types of Membership, pages 4 and 5, point 3.3 defines the IDO Contact Person Representing a Country)


3.3.1 The IDO Presidium may from time to time appoint a Country Contact Person to represent a country where the IDO is not yet represented by an Ordinary Member or Ordinary Department member.

3.3.2 The Country Contact Person may act in his/her capacity exclusively as a representative of the IDO Presidium, without any competence to enter into any agreements including financial transaction in the name of IDO.

3.3.3 A Country Contact Person will act as a liaison officer between the IDO and any national group, association, dance school, dance club, or any person in his or her country that is interested in taking part in activities of the IDO.

3.3.4 A Country Contact Person must ensure that the best-qualified dancers, within his or her country, can participate at IDO Competitions and Championships/Cups. A Country Contact Person may nominate up to six (6) persons to participate individually or in any kind of formation.


3.3.7 The Country Contact Person has the right to attend all meetings of the General Assembly and the respective meetings of the Department General Assembly as a representative from his or her country and has the right to speak but not a vote.



· All questions regarding the membership status and applications must be sent to IDO President, Prof. Velibor Srdic .

· No IDO member or Contact person cannot negotiate and grant any type of the IDO membership to anyone.

· Please be aware that an organization cannot be a Contact person by the definition in the By-Laws.



All international adjudicational, educational, and licensing activities in the name of IDO can only proceed with prior approval from the Chairman of the Adjudication Committee (licensing Adjudicators, Chairpersons and Scrutineer), Chairman of the Educational Committee (licensing moderators) or Senior Vice-President (licensing Supervisors), currently Velibor Srdić, Edilio Pagano, and Fiona Johnson.



· List of all IDO international activities is published on the official IDO Web-site under “Seminars”. In case of doubt please contact any of persons listed above.



The list of international IDO licensed Adjudicators, Supervisors, and Chairpersons are published per countries and visible on the official IDO website The list is updated annually.



· All licensed officials in the IDO have a license book and must refresh their license following the IDO Officials Book.


4. IDO EVENTS All IDO competitions (Festivals, Licensed events, Championships, Cups, and Games) can only be negotiated by the IDO Senior-Vice President with the approval of the IDO Presidium.



· No IDO member or Contact person cannot negotiate and grant any type of the IDO event title to anyone.

· All official and contracted IDO international events are published and visible on the official IDO website under "Competitions."

· In case of questions regarding any IDO event please contact IDO Senior Vice President Fiona Johnson .




Contact persons must receive approval from the IDO Presidium to use the IDO logo, IDO promo material and IDO name. Ordinary members and ordinary members with probationary status may use the IDO logo as long as it in the line of the IDO Statutes, By-Laws, IDO Dance sport rules and regulations and IDO Book of graphic standards.



· In case of any doubt, please contact the IDO Vice-President for Marketing & Communications Trajce Petkovski,



IDO Presidium will oversee the membership structure and its official status and in case of any need for clarifications there will be the possibility of contacting the responsible person in the country.


Still IDO remains an open, democratic, and trustful organization available to answer any of your questions and open for discussions.


Prof. Velibor Srdic,

IDO President.

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