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by Trajce Petkovski

Stunning Moments Captured at the IDO European Show Dance Championship 2023

The IDO European Show Dance Championship 2023, held in the picturesque town of Lasko, Slovenia, showcased the mesmerizing world of dance and brought together over 1300 talented dancers from 21 countries. The championship was beautifully captured by renowned photographer Jernej Serjak, who masterfully captured the essence and excitement of this exhilarating event.

The championship, organized by Plesna Sveza Slovenia, featured a dazzling array of dance styles and performances that left the audience in awe. From breathtaking acrobatics to elegant ballet, and from sizzling Latin rhythms to intricate contemporary choreography, this event had it all. The dancers, hailing from 21 different countries, exhibited their passion, dedication, and incredible talents, making it a truly international spectacle.

Jernej Serjak, the official photographer for the IDO European Show Dance Championship 2023, skillfully documented the competition, preserving the most remarkable moments on film. His keen eye for detail and deep understanding of dance allowed him to capture the dancers' emotions, energy, and artistry. Serjak's photographs not only highlight the stunning performances but also convey the emotions and stories behind each routine.

"Capturing the IDO European Show Dance Championship was a fantastic experience," Serjak said. "The dedication and artistry of these dancers is truly inspiring, and I am honored to have been a part of this event. My goal was to freeze these amazing moments in time and share the beauty and passion of dance with the world."

The IDO European Show Dance Championship 2023 was a true celebration of talent, teamwork, and creativity. Dancers from different corners of the globe came together to compete, learn, and share their love for dance. The event not only showcased incredible performances but also fostered cultural exchange and unity among the participating countries.

The photographs taken by Jernej Serjak at the championship are a testament to the power of dance to transcend language and borders. They capture the essence of this vibrant event, where passion and dedication are at the heart of every move and every moment.


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