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by Trajce Petkovski

Exploring New Frontiers: Insights from the March Performing Arts Committee Meetings

In a vibrant showcase of international collaboration and dedication to the performing arts, the International Dance Organization (IDO) hosted a series of committee meetings throughout March chaired by no other than IDO Vice President for Dance Sport Rules, Chairperson of Technical Committee, Performing Arts Department Chairperson – Hana Svehlova. The committee meeting served as a platform for delegates from across the globe to discuss and strategize the future of various dance disciplines. Here's a glimpse into the enriching discussions that unfolded.

**March 5th - Oriental Committee Meeting:** Seven delegates from seven countries convened to deliberate on developing the traditional Oriental dance style and competition discipline. The meeting sparked engaging dialogues on rejuvenating interest in this esteemed art form, which has faced challenges in recent years due to a lack of hosting organizers.

**March 6th - Jazz Committee Meeting:** With a remarkable turnout of over 30 delegates and guests, the Jazz Committee Meeting celebrated the burgeoning popularity and quality of jazz within the IDO community. Participants lauded the introduction of new venues and theatre locations, such as De Panne in Belgium and Kielce in Poland, which have enhanced the jazz dance experience for performers and audiences alike.

**March 8th - Acrobatic Dance Committee Meeting:** Fifteen delegates and guests from ten countries gathered to chart the future trajectory of Acrobatic Dance. This discipline showcased its potential with a successful debut at the 2023 event in Mexico. Anticipation is high for the upcoming 2024 World Championships in Kielce, scheduled for the end of November, underscoring the growing prominence of acrobatic dance on the global stage.

**March 10th - Ballet Committee Meeting:** Sixteen delegates representing eleven countries convened to address key updates to ballet rules, with a focus on ensuring clarity and accessibility for dancers, trainers, and choreographers. Notably, an online Ballet forum, slated for March 19th, promises to provide a platform for comprehensive discussions on ballet regulations, led by Ballet Committee Chairperson Tina D'Artnall.

**March 12th - Flamenco Committee Meeting:** Despite a modest turnout, the Flamenco Committee Meeting shed light on waning interest in Flamenco competitions among IDO countries and dancers. This serves as a call to action to reignite passion and participation in this culturally rich dance form.

**March 11th - Performing Arts Improvisation Committee Meeting:** The nascent discipline of Performing Arts Improvisation took centre stage as delegates reconvened to explore its promising future within IDO. Following successful test competitions in Poland and Slovenia, there's a palpable excitement surrounding the potential of improvisational dance to captivate both dancers and audiences alike.

These committee meetings underscore the IDO's unwavering commitment to fostering innovation, inclusivity, and excellence across a diverse spectrum of dance disciplines. As the global dance community continues to evolve, these collaborative efforts pave the way for a dynamic and vibrant future in the Performing Arts.

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