Mar 20, 2021



The International Dance Organisation Honorary Lifetime President, Michael Wendt has written to the IDO National Member in Russia, ARDO, following the passing of Vladimir Kirsanov.

Vladimir competed for IDO Russia and took part in IDO Tap Championships both in Dresden and Riesa. He will always be remembered in the tap circles following his solo performance ‘The Conductor’. Vladimir was also an organiser of an annual huge tap dance parade in Moscow.

On behalf of the IDO Presidium, IDO Honorary Lifetime President Michael Wendt said:

‘It was never forgotten that Vladimir and his daughter Arisha tap danced so fabulous and received so much applause from the audience that they forgot about being at a world competition but pleasing the enthusiastic applauding guests. They danced and danced and danced…. As MC at last I tried to guide them nicely from the stage. Afterwards Vladimir asked me what the problem was. I answered they danced much too long, about 5 minutes. He smiled at me and answered, “But Michael, the audience loved us, we had to give our best and could not stop”.

Vladimir Kirsanov - for sure - was the father and founder of the tap dance department in the All Russian Dance Organization (ARDO) and many dancers were influenced by him to later develop their own styles and studios. And now the ARDO has numerous very successful studios, choreographers and competitors in tap dance.

I always loved when the ARDO sent Vladimir Kirsanov as judge from Russia to the IDO World Tap Dance Championships in Riesa. We will miss Vladimir and his great knowledge about tap dance and being such a good and honest friend to all the dancers, the IDO, my wife and me. We will not forget you! Break a leg!’

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