Jul 22, 2023

The IDO World Acrobatic Championships starts today in the city of Monterrey, Mexico!

- Press Release 37/2023
The competition organized by IDO Mexico & The Americas IDO Organizations will be held until tomorrow.

Mrs Fiona Johnson - IDO Senior Vice President and Chairperson of Judges gave us her first impressions:

"We are all in the preparational mode for the first-ever official IDO event in Mexico. It is a pleasure to be part of the IDO World Acrobatic Dance Championships in Monterrey, a city whose fundamental element is building an innovative and humane city. Thank you Mrs. Maga Domene for taking over such a task. I cannot wait to see all the great talent! See you all on the dance floor"

The IDO officials beside Mrs. Johnson are Bonnie Dyer - Canada as the Supervisor and Robert Planutis - USA as the Scuteneer.

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