Feb 18, 2021



The International Dance Organization is delighted to confirm the launch of the IDO Dancers Commission, following an online zoom meeting on the 24th January 2021.

The Dancers’ Commission consist of six members all of whom are active and licensed in IDO and over the age of 18 years. All six members come from different departments, two continents and 6 countries. They include two dancers that represent Performing Arts, two dancers that represent Street Dance and two dancers that represent Couple Dance. All departments have selected by one male and one female representative.

The main role of the Dancers Commission is to act as the voice for IDO active licensed dancers around the world and to protect their rights and interests. The Dancers Commission will act as a direct link from the voices of dancers to the IDO Presidium. It is the Commissioners duty to provide updated information to dancers and to the IDO Presidium.

Just Berger from Germany, representing the Street Dance department has been elected as Chairperson of the IDO Dance Commission for 2021. In 2022 Cory Lunny from United States of America and in 2023 Simone Sanfillipo Tabo from Italy, will act as elected chairpersons respectively. The Commission includes:

- Tobias Kosir from the Czech Republic and Cory Lunny from the Unites States of America representing the Performing Arts Department

- Just Berger from Germany and Julie Sofie Wichmann from Norway representing the Street Dance Department

- Simone Sanfillipo Tabo from Italy and Monika Kochmanova from North Macedonia representing the Couple Dance Department

Chairperson of the Dancers Commission, Just Berger said:

‘Our intention is to build a bridge between IDO dancers and the IDO Presidium. It will allow us to connect and enable a fluid information flow. My ambition is to bring wishes, ideas and thoughts of the IDO dancers and trainers into the spotlight, as I believe they are the most important people in this Organization. It is important to give feedback from championships to organizers and the IDO Sports Director and through this, help and support the development and growth of the IDO.’

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