Jun 24, 2020


- Press Release 90/2020

IDO Vice President and Sports Director, Fiona Johnson has announced the finalists for the 6th edition of the IDO World Gala Event ‘Best of the Best’.

The semi-final of the IDO Gala was conducted by 5 VIP Adjudicators and a Facebook contest with thirty-nine IDO World Champions for 2019 competed for a place in the final. These votes have been scrutineered and calculated by the IDO Adjudication Committee, led by IDO Senior Vice-President Prof Dr Velibor Srdic.

The VIP Adjudication and the public vote have determined that the following fourteen entries have qualified for the IDO World Gala Final and as approved by the IDO Presidium. In no particular order, the finalists are:

DQ Dance Disco Dance Formation – Germany

DSA 1 Folk Belly Dance Oriental Group – Greece

Diego Bragaglio Caribbean Show Solo Male – Italy

Jazz One Jazz Formation – Poland

Julia Ciszewska and Mira Grodziecka Ballet Duo – Poland

Natalia Gap Jazz Solo Female – Poland

Behind the Wall Show Dance Formation – Slovenia

In My Shoes – Slovenia

Lana Smolnikar Contemporary Solo Female – Slovenia

Lara Slibar Show Dance Solo Female – Slovenia

Routine Show Dance Group – Slovenia

Just Do It Profi Disco Dance Group – Ukraine

Olena Pohoidash and Maksym Seredynski Disco Dance Duo Mixed – Ukraine

Team USA Aladdin Tap Formation – United States of America

Congratulations to all those entries that have qualified for the Final!

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