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Nov 28 - Dec 2


Country: Germany
City: Riesa

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nation name dancetitle no dancers
Canada Doo Wha Diddy Doo Wah Diddy 5
Canada WE'RE IN THE MONEY We're In the Money 7
Croatia I had enough-Step by Step-Children I had enough 7
Croatia Shine bright like a diamond - Step&Jazz 6
Croatia Doing my thing-Step by Step-Children Doing my thing 7
Czech Republic TS R+P Brno Let ´s the Party 6
Czech Republic Tancirna The Flies 7
Czech Republic TS R+P Brno SHOUT AND FEEL IT 5
Czech Republic Tap Academy Prague THE CIRCUS 7
Germany Taptastic Kids Wild Party 7
Germany Penguin Kids Tourists 7
Mexico Equipo de Tap Mexico AUDITIONS 5
Russian Federation Theater «Tap Dance» of Ekaterinburg Charlston 6
Switzerland Dance Studio Liba Borak Shake it off 7
Switzerland Dancestudio Liba Borak Jackson 7 7
United States Team USA Hollywood Wiz 7
United States Team USA Mambo Italiano 7