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Nov 28 - Dec 2


Country: Germany
City: Riesa

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nation name dancetitle no dancers
Australia Australia T.T Bobble Head -Tap Trio 3
Australia Australia T.T Showgirl -Tap Trio 3
Canada tc2017 trio tc2017 trio 3
Canada Spanish Flair Spanish Flair 3
Croatia Come fly with me-step&jazz Come fly with me 3
Croatia Run boy run-Step by Step-Juniors Run Boy run 3
Croatia Just dance - step&jazz Just dance 3
Croatia Spanish Guitar-Step by Step-Juniors Spanish Guitar 3
Czech Republic NO FEET BANG BANG 3
Czech Republic TS R+P Brno You did it 3
Czech Republic Tancirna Espana 3
Germany Tap 'e' motion Trio Juniors A sky full of stars 3
Germany STEPS Dancecenter Trio Junioren Kit Kat Club 3
Mexico Euipo de Tap Mexico Cheerleader 3
Russian Federation Space of dance The thing Hat 3
Russian Federation TAP Studio «Space of dance» The brilliance of amethyst 3
Russian Federation Theater «Tap Dance» of Ekaterinburg Box 3
South Africa KIDS Kids 3
Switzerland Planet Dance Martin Tall Ground 3
Switzerland BACKSTAGEstudio Check on it 3
Switzerland Dance Studio Liba Borak Wake me up 3
Ukraine Nikomo Tap Studio 3
United Kingdom Tap Attack Juniors B Sunshine 3
United Kingdom Tap Attack Juniors A I Won't Dance 3
United States Team USA Hunaman 3
United States Team USA The Beat Goes On 3
United States Team USA Sweet Pea 3