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Nov 28 - Dec 2


Country: Germany
City: Riesa

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nation name dancetitle no dancers
Canada Hit the Road Jack Hit The Road Jack 3
Canada We've Got Rhythm We've Got Rhythm 3
Croatia All for one and one for all-Step&Jazz All for one and one for all 3
Croatia Spanish Girls - Step by Step-Children Spanish Girls 3
Croatia Different-Step by Step-Children Different 3
Czech Republic TS R+P Brno TIC TOC 3
Czech Republic Tap Academy Prague The Boys 3
Czech Republic Tancirna Rock and Ballet 3
Germany Penguin Trio Kids Feel the rhythm 3
Italy Full Dance Ch 2017 3
Russian Federation TAP Studio «Space of dance» Confetti 3
Switzerland Dance Studio Liba Borak 3
Switzerland Dancestudio Liba Borak 3
United States Team USA Friends for Life 3
United States Team USA Step Sisters Lament 3
United States Team USA This Joint Is Jumpin' 3
United States Team USA Love Of An Orchestra 3