Oct 23, 2022


- Press Release 99/2022

Next week from 26th till the 30th of October Graz will be filled with IDO dancers attending the IDO World Hip Hop, Popping, Breaking and Hip Hop Battles Championships 2022.

In the heat of the preparation for the event we got together with the organizer IDO Vice President Klaus Hollbacher and asking him some questions.

Can you tell us more about yourself and how would you describe yourself?

I am a dancing teacher for now 43 years, president of the Austrian IDO for more than 12 years, IDO Vicepresident, president of the Austrian Dancing Teachers Association (WDC) and president of the Austrian Breaking Association (WDSF). I have a doc. degree in history - history of physics (Quantenphysik and history of electronics) and I am owner of a dancing school in Graz/Austria. For the last 6 month I am more or less organizer of the World Championship in October. i was also organizer of the Worlds in 2016 and 2011 and Europeans 2005 and 2007. I am finisher of 17 long distance triathlons (Ironman) and love to be out in the sun and would say that I am a calm, tactician, demanding, friendly, open person.

The HipHop World Championship in Graz has a record number of dancers with over 4.200 coming from 27 countries. What are the biggest challenges as organizer?

I think that the biggest challenge will be to organize everything in a way, that everyone knows where he/she has to be at the right time. To send out all informations and to concern all national and international rules and regulations.

What have been your favourite moments from previously organized competition and what to expect from the Worlds in Graz? Any extra suggestions for dancers to check out?

My favourite would be the presentation of the nations and all the price giving ceremonies when you see the happy people and feel that we all have a common future. This worlds will have a great hall, nice people, a wonderful city for shopping and having a coffee in the Herrengasse, see the Schloßberg or have some time to visit the Schloß Eggenberg or the Landzeughaus (biggest armoury museum 15th to 18th century) and a nice atmosphere at the competition.

At the end I would like to invite all to come to Graz, enjoy the city and have fun.

We cant wait to see all soon at the Worlds!

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