Oct 27, 2022


- Press Release 100/2022

The International Dance Organizations World Hip Hop, Popping, Hip Hop Battles & Breaking Championships takes place this week in Graz, Austria over five days.

The IDO event is organised by Dietanzschule - dr. Klaus Höllbacher & TSC TheONE with over 4.500 coming from 29 countries participating.

The IDO Officials include Velibor Srdic from Bosnia & Herzegovina and Kirsten Dan Jensen from Denmark as Chairperson of Judges, Carsten Rott from Germany as the Supervisor, and Vesna Huber with Ziva Laterner from Slovenia as Scrutineer.

The IDO international adjudicators for the championships are: Kathrine Jessen, Denmark Gareth Smith, United Kingdom Anna Kettler, Germany Hakan Karlsson, Sweden Dirk Thomas, Netherlands Eunice Marais, South Africa Zbigniew Jr. Zasada, Poland Azra Pucko, Slovenia Lene Nielsen, Denmark Georg Wondrak, Germany Malin Kindahl, Sweden Romy De Vos, Netherlands Boguslawa Szczepanik – Zasada, Poland Mimi Marcac Mirceta, Slovenia Alessandro Farotto, Italy Jennifer Maureen Hull-Krogull, Germany Mathias Kunauer Valentina Kunauer Chris Peteljak, Germany Nebojsa Slavkovic, Serbia

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