Sep 29, 2022

IDO World Tap dance Championships 2022 in Croatia

- Press Release 95/2022

Dear dancers, teachers and members,

The organizers for the upcoming IDO World Tap dance Championships have been working nonstop to get everything to come together and I know the IDO and IDO Tap community appreciates this very much.

Attached you will find the Tentative schedule and this is the address for the venue: Dvorana srednjih skola Velike Gorice Ulica kralja Stjepana Tomasevica 21, 10410 Velika Gorica

More information regarding the hotel, shuttle, catering info will be available soon, so please be at ease knowing that the organiser will make it all available for you.

Contact for all the studios taking part: Linda Valjalo

Thank you for supporting the event and all the best to all.

Fiona Johnson

IDO Senior-Vice President for Sport & Sport for All