Sep 15, 2022


- Press Release 90/2022

The International Dance Organization’s World Disco Dance and Disco Freestyle Championships start today in Katrineholm, Sweden from the 15h September to 18th of September 2022.

The World event is organised by IDO Sweden - SDO and Knut Säborg Dansstudio with over 1200 dancers taking part, from 16 countries.

The IDO Officials include Kirsten Dan Jensen from Denmark as Chairperson, Zbigniew St. Zasada from Poland as Supervisor, with Carsten Bang Eis, Denmark and Stefan Sollerman, Sweden as Scrutineers.

The IDO international adjudicators for the championships are:

Daniel Carrillo from Sweden

Victoria Kovalenko and Irena Bous from Ukraine

Dominika Kocurkova from Slovak Republic

Merja Satulehto from Finland

Karen Andresen and Guru Person from Norway

Janine Lux from Germany

Dita Hejnikova from Czech Republic

Jeanne Junker Jorgensen from Denmark

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