Sep 6, 2022

IDO European Ballet, Jazz, Modern & Contemporary Championship on new location!

- Press Release 88/2022

Dear IDO members, Dear friends, Hope this e-mail finds you well.

We are all in anticipation before the European Ballet, Jazz and Modern&Contemporary Championships that will be held in beautiful Skopje from 08.09.2022 until 11.09.2022.

As many have seen over TV, there was a very bad storm in Skopje last week and a lot of buildings were under water. The government has promised to do all necessary repairs in the official National Opera and Ballet Hall so the competition could run in safe, clean and healthy conditions for our dancers and spectators. Sadly today after the meeting with the Ministry of Culture, the promise was not kept. Together with the Organizer we have found a new solution to solve this unpleasant situation that was caused by a natural circumstances - “force majeure”.

It is very important for the Organizer and IDO that the competition is held and that our dancers and spectators are safe. It is not at all an easy situation, but we will make it work as we are used to.

The competition will run on the published dates, following the official schedule in a new venue - the Sport hall of Jane Sandinski where the European Hip-hop Championships was held. This hall had no water damage and is used for all international sport events in Skopje. There are 2 halls connected by a 15m closed corridor, so the dancers will have no problem in competing in both halls. Both halls will have black ballet floor and a nice decoration. There is a restaurant attached to the hall and also there will be a catering service there also. On day 4 there will be a third hall in »Double Tree Hilton« hotel. There is a distance of 200m and we are now negotiation to have a van service for the dancers that will run up and down the whole day, so the dancers will not have to walk. In case you have booked the accommodation via the Organizers platform, please let him know directly if you are traveling by plane. We will find a solution for your transfer to the hall, but please send the information to the Organizer directly. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

See you soon.

Kind regards,

Fiona Johnson

IDO Senior-Vice President for Sport & Sport for All

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