Jul 13, 2022


- Press Release 85/2022

Michael Wendt was awarded the title of IDO Honorary Lifetime President at the online AGM held in December 2020. No official presentation had been allowed due to the Covid restrictions in 2020 and 2021.

Nevertheless, at the face-to-face AGM in Copenhagen this week, a special ceremony was held to ensure that Michael was recognised with his Honorary title as he deserves, given his great contribution to the development of the IDO and special achievements in the world of dance.

Many will know Michael Wendt as one of the greatest event organizers of IDO competitions, namely the IDO World Show Dance and Tap Championships for over 22 years in Riesa Germany. Others will know him as organizer of other events including Rock’n’Roll competitions, as a Master of Ceremonies, dance specialist, as a dance Ambassador, as a politician in dance and his famous ‘salami tactic’, but most importantly with love for the dancers and a huge heart and passion for dance.

Michael has served IDO for over three decades and in the IDO Presidium between 1998 and 2020. Michael continues as IDO Ambassador for Asia and Asia Pacific and as an IDO competition organiser.

In the name of the IDO dance family we would like to congratulate Michael Wendt and express our biggest respect! THANK YOU, Michael, for bringing IDO to the top of the world of dance.

#IDOWorldDance #ILoveIDO