Sep 9, 2021


- Press Release 131/2021

The IDO European Hip Hop, Electric Boogie and Breakdance Championships start today in Brezeg Dolny, Poland and continues until 12th September 2021.

This IDO event is organised by Dance Sport Club and led by Mr Zbigniew Zasada. 1,358 dancers from 13 countries are taking part. The IDO Officials include Prof Velibor Srdic from Bosnia and Herzegovina as Chairperson of Judges, Dita Heinikova from Czech Republic as Supervisor, and Tihomir Doric as Scrutineer. The IDO international adjudicators for the championships are:

Davide Lauletta from Italy

Nian Simic and Dr Meta Zagorc from Slovenia

Thomas Putten-Lentz and Kevin Braun from Germany

Bouguslawa Zasada and Mariola Szymanska from Poland

Tonja Smets from Netherlands

Alexandra Tothova from Slovak Republic

Andrey Butko from Russia

Irena Bous from Ukraine

Good luck to everyone involved!

#ILoveIDO #IDOWorldDance