Aug 30, 2021


- PRESS RELEASE 125/2021

IDO Slovak Republic is this week’s IDO National Member of the Week (NMO). The project is a marketing initiative led by the IDO Communications Department.

IDO Slovak Republic (SDO) has been a part of IDO since the 1990’s when they first started competing at IDO championships in 1993. It was in 2016 when they first competed under the newly established Slovak Dance Sports Federation. The latter combines three departments Ballroom, Rock n Roll and IDO Disciplines and is recognized by the Slovak Ministry for Sport.

Since 1994, Slovak Republic has organised 16 IDO Championships. There first World Champion was in Dance Show at the World Dance Championships in Dunaujuvaros, Hungary, and since this achievement, many more Slovak dancers have won many medals in both World and European events and in various disciplines.

For SDO, competing in IDO means representing your country as one national team but also means an opportunity to travel, to meet other dancers, other cultures and learn from the experience.

Anniversary message: We wish IDO to grow but stay as it is bringing vision, friendship, colour and passion to everyone’s lives. IDO remain strong and reliable! All the best IDO!

Tune in to all IDO social media portals to view our IDO Member of the Week – IDO Slovak Republic!

This is a gift to all national members as IDO gears up to will see many IDO NMO’s featuring every week. The IDO Communications Department therefore asks all NMO’s to please send their videos so that we can present your country. All videos will be uploaded on IDO Web TV in due course.

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