Aug 2, 2021


- PRESS RELEASE 113/2021

The International Dance Organization Communications Department looks at the work produced by the IDO Presidium. Today we focus on IDO Vice President for Competition Development Edilio Pagano.

During the last few months Mr Pagano has been working hard on developing new projects and festivals together with IDO Sports Director, Fiona Johnson. One of the main projects and possibilities is a Mini Kids and Adult 2 event that would also allow for conferences, lectures, and other activities. Mr Pagano is also supporting the IDO 40th birthday celebrations researching the history of IDO in Florence and the first 15 to 18 years of Moreno Polidori as General Secretary of the IDO.

Together with the Director of the Couple Dance Department, Dr Klaus Hoellbacher and in his capacity as the Chairperson of the Latin and Caribbean Department, Mr Pagano is now working with a new group of chairpersons for different parts of the Couple Dance Department. The role is primarily to promote their department and dance genres but also looking ahead in proposing a new adjudication system.

Thank you Edilio for all the work you do for IDO!

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