Jul 19, 2021


- PRESS RELEASE 106/2021

The International Dance Organization Communications Department will in the next two weeks be looking at the work produced by the IDO Presidium. And what better way so start with none other than our very own IDO President (Ag) Professor Dr Velibor Srdic.

Prof. Srdic is immensely proud of the achievements of the IDO over the past few months. It is evident that under his helm the IDO has given a wind in the back to our members and officials by organizing various activities and events. Although all activities are online, he felt that it was the IDO’s obligation and IDO’s mission in an environment where the whole world is preoccupied with fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

IDO Continental Conferences were highly active in waiving our members. Conference Chairpersons Mrs. Aleena Tan, Mrs. Kirsten Dan Jensen, and Mrs. Bonnie Dyer did a great job. As a kind of recognition for special contribution to IDO and loyalty to IDO, the IDO President established the IDO Honorary Board as an advisory body. Logically honorary lifetime IDO President Mr. Michael Wendt is the chairman of this body. He also formed the IDO Membership Commission, and its first chairman is Dr. Klaus Hoellbacher.

Since the start of the new year, Prof. Srdic and the IDO Adjudication Department was very active organizing IDO educational judges' seminars, which managed to gather all IDO judges and all of them received certificates of participation. The department also promoted some of our best choreographers and judges as lecturers, but also invited world-famous lecturers for certain IDO dance disciplines such as breaking, popping, and hip hop. A large amount of capital was recorded from these lessons, and they are available on the IDO Dance Academy portal for all IDO licensed judges. We have fully digitized the exams for IDO officials and technically enabled the creation of additional multimedia content in the IDO Dance Academy platform.

February saw the two-day online IDO annual forum with many participants from all 6 continents. All dance committees and their department directors held regular meetings and the IDO President thanks them all because they encouraged all our experts, teachers, coaches, and choreographers to actively participate and contribute to the development of IDO dance disciplines. Many proposals will be found on the following ADMs.

Members of the Judging Committee Mr. Edilio Pagano, Mr. Ralf Josat and Mrs. Hana Svehlova presented and elaborated the new 4D bis refereeing system. We are very engaged in the preparation of the final version, and Prof. Srdic thanks Mrs. Rachel Jackson Weingaertner for her support.

The IDO President is fully aware that nowadays you cannot be visible and recognizable without active access to Social Media. Therefore, he has revolutionized this department and the teamwork of Mr. Seamus Byrne and Ms. Gaynor Johnson has been expanded with expert Mr. Pedram Zamani, Mr. Trajce Petkovski and Mr. Thomas Puettmann-Lentz. The IDO already feels and see the benefits of the work of this team, and we invite all members to continue to support us even more. We are open to any kind of cooperation in this area of public relations and communications.

In parallel with the seminars for officials, IDO master classes were organized, and all educational programs were free. At the IDO Presidents initiative, the Sports Committee organized an IDO webinar open to all, and which brought together three of the world's leading dance organizations and science and practice.

What has awakened all IDO members and given them new tasks at the national level in a positive sense is the IDO online Continent vs Continent Championships project. Mrs. Bonnie Dyer initiated and devised the project format and together with Mrs. Johnson elaborated in detail the project. Prof Srdic is very confident this project will certainly continue in the future, as we were all happy and proud, dancers, judges, and the general public. What is an additional effect of the organization of this project is the creation of IDO Web TV, that came to life in full capacity and that we got four new IDO members from 3 continents.

IDO under Prof Srdic leadership, is constantly working on the visibility of IDO in the sports world. IDO became a member of ISNO- International Sports Network Organization. We continued our successful cooperation with TAFISA and in June we participated in TAFISA World Sport for All Games in Portugal. IDO was excellently presented in three days. In parallel, the Sports Committee continued with Erasmus + projects and we are recognized as a serious and reliable partner, which is again the result of the dedicated work of Mrs. Johnson and IDO advisor Mr. Patrick Perosa.

One of the major projects led by the IDO President since the beginning of the year, is working towards the celebration of 40 years of IDO. He believes that IDO has a great obligation, firstly for future generations, to systematize chronologically everything that IDO has done since its establishment until today. IDO is a big family, and it was normal to involve our members in collecting materials for history brochures. We are preparing different material and activities for this jubilee, Awards, a live show, a brochure and representing our IDO national members through the IDO NMO of the week project. This was the idea of Mr. Andrey Kokoulin, which was finally implemented in a modified version. We also contacted and interviewed a lot of people and I think Mr. Seamus Byrne is more than a great choice for this job, which will be visible in the fall. Special thanks to our founding members of IDO from France (Mr. Christophe Jeanmougin and Mrs. Monique Bengasini), Italy (Mr. Edilio Pagano and Mr. Renzo Maoggi) and Gibraltar (Mr. Michael Prescott and Mr. Seamus Byrne), who have sent much material from the rich history of the IDO.

IDO President (Ag) Professor Dr Velibor Srdic said:

‘First of all, I would like to commend the members of the Presidium and other elected officials for their great commitment and support to the planned activities. We have dealt with the internal organization of work in the IDO. I established monthly Executive Presidium meetings and quarterly Presidium meetings. All Presidium members have received corporate email addresses and after successfully completing the training we use MS Teams with all applications. I am especially proud of the involvement in the work of the Presidium of the representatives of the Dancers Commission represented by Mr. Just Berger.

I would also like to thank Mr. Michael Wendt on his wise and honest advice and support. Mrs. Hana Svehlova and Mr. Robert Planutis, they are working on unifying all IDO rules and forms and believe me it is not an easy job at all. I also thank Mr. Theodoros Tsaganos for his work in the Eastern Mediterranean region and the plan is to start certain activities by the end of the year. We owe great gratitude and respect for the work to Mrs. Fiona Johnson, who was actively, diligently, and smartly at the forefront of several projects at the same time.

I believe that it was difficult to follow all these activities and I know that with the new president it is always like that, our IDO Head Office led by Mrs. Kirsten Dan Jensen and the IDO Presidential Office have had a huge job and I am really pleased with the way they work and their expediency. Huge team, a lot of commitment and a lot of energy is needed to achieve all this. Still, we are all eagerly awaiting IDO championships and cups in the fall and hope to see you soon. Our profession is one of the most beautiful and difficult in the world and has proven that dancing has no boundaries.’

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