Jul 22, 2020


- Press Release 98/2020

The International Dance Organization is delighted to learn that our National Member Organization from Slovakia, has been awarded by the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee the Dance Community as well as the Sportive Dance Award in Slovakia.

Petr Horacek and Jozef Hanrangozo were awarded this highest accolade during the Annual General Meeting of the Slovak Olympic Committee in June 2020. The reason for the award is for their comprehensive (758 pages) and historical book, ‘Encyclopedia of Competitive Dance in Slovakia 1957-2017’. They were awarded by Slovak Olympic medalist Danka Bartekova (member of International Olympic Committee) and Anton Siekel – President of the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee.

The encyclopedia is a bilingual (Slovak and English) book describing the history of dance and dance competitions in Slovakia. All dance sport disciplines in Slovakia are listed under Slovak Dancesport Federation which is divided into three departments: ballroom dance sport, rock and roll and IDO disciplines.

Author Petr Horacek (graduated at Faculty of History in Bratislava) is the current President of Slovak Dancesport Federation and former dancer competing in Ballroom as well as in IDO disciplines (Tango Argentino and Salsa). Encyclopedia photographer and designer Jozef Harangozo was competing in Ballroom and Salsa (semi-finalist at the World Games in Cali 2013).

Congratulations IDO Slovak Republic!

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