Jul 15, 2020


- Press Release 97/2020

The International Dance Organization Public Relations and Media has played an important role during COVID-19 and the social lock down. This department has supported or led on initiatives that transformed the way our National Members and dance community interacted with events during the lock down.

The IDO Education and IDO PR Departments worked on an online programming which certainly manifests that IDO’s social media is thriving and moving from strength to strength. The IDO online Master Classes was one of the platforms provided. Top Teacher experts where invited by IDO dance department. The teachers and choreographers invested time to make the videos to support this free of charge project to keep all IDO dancers active. The classes where scheduled for three times a week, with one dance class per week, for each dance department. This was published and promoted by the IDO Social Media Team for over 10 weeks.

These IDO Master Classes are now available on the IDO YouTube Channel on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrdcVrBlQic&list=PLoHVrDoyXi2pU5SxuuGSgK5f6eTzihd6l. The IDO community is invited to view them and do the classes!

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