May 30, 2020


- Press Release 77/2020

IDO Vice President and Sports Director, Fiona Johnson has today announced the format for the 6th edition of the IDO World Gala Event ‘Best of the Best’ Semi Final.

Following from the Gala 1st round Facebook contest, 39 performances from three continents have qualified for the semi-final. The semi-final will be conducted online on Facebook with the selection conducted by five VIP adjudicators. There adjudication will count for 50% of the result. The other 50% will come from the public vote.

After the closing date for votes, an independent panel led by IDO Senior Vice-President Prof. Dr Velibor Srdic in his capacity as Adjudication Director, will scrutinize the results, and provide the final list of 12 who will make the final.

A TV Studio Super Final with a similar format as Eurovision will be staged in October 2020.

The IDO Gala semi-final round Facebook contest is set to take place as from Monday 8th June 2020 at 12 noon CET with the closing date on Monday 15th June 2020 at 11am CET.

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