May 24, 2020



Petra Ravbar and Tian Cehic from IDO Slovenia will be conducting an IDO Master Class, a project led by the IDO Education and IDO PR Departments.


Petra and Tian will be teaching a contemporary master class and will feature this forthcoming Monday 25th May at 12.30pm on IDO Facebook. Petra Ravbar and Tian Cehic are both dancers and choreographers from Slovenia. They both have been competing ever since they started dancing and have been multiple National, European and World champions. They became great friends when Tian entered the adult’s category and in 2017 decided to compete also in duos. Petra and Tian are 3 times National champions in a row in modern duos adults, European champions for 2019 and World champions for 2018. Matevz Cesen is their coach and choreographer of all their duos. They all bring something special to all their choreographies and they work well together.


Petra and Tian are both successful dancers also at noncompeting dance floors and performed at multiple TV shows, music videos, concerts, musicals and they both also choreograph and perform in a lot of dance/theatre shows. They both feel that 2018 was magical for both, because they became world champions together for the first time in modern duo adults and they also choreographed a junior modern formation together, which ended up on 3rd place at the World championship 2018.


Classes will air on IDO Facebook from 12.30pm on Monday 25th May until 11.30am CET on Tuesday 26th May 2020.


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