Apr 13, 2020


- Press Release 47/2020

IDO Vice President and Sports Director, Fiona Johnson has today announced the new format for the 6th edition of the IDO World Gala Event ‘Best of the Best’.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 universal pandemic, the IDO is prompted to take exceptional measures and find various solutions to many projects including the live Gala event. The new format for the IDO World Gala, will be in three phases:

• A Facebook Contest voted by the dance community

• An online Semi Final with the Facebook selection conducted by three VIP Adjudicators

• A TV Studio Super Final with a similar format as Eurovision

To commence the process of selection, IDO National Member Organizations or 2019 World Champions are kindly requested to submit their champion videos via an online sharing platform or email to: pr@ido-sport.org and socialmedia@ido-dance.com.

Due to this new format, no new videos or routines can be submitted. Nominees must use the videos of the routines that made them World Champions preferably from an IDO Competition (although material from national championships, international competitions, special dance contests, etc. will be accepted).

All video material must be in a very good quality or HD. Please include the name of dancer/group, the discipline and what was won either on the video or when submitting the video. Closing date to submit the footage is 30th April 2020 at midnight.

The IDO Gala first round Facebook contest is set to take place as from Monday 4th May 2020. Half of the best scored routines will proceed to the Semi-Final.

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