Nov 25, 2019


- Press Release 201/2019

The International Dance Organizationís World Tap Dance Championships starts tomorrow and runs for five days. The World competition will be held from the 26th to 30th November 2019 in the German city Riesa.

The World competition is organised by FVG and Michael Wendt and will form part of the 900th Anniversary of Riesa. 1,372 dancers from 19 nations are taking part from all six continents. The IDO Officials include Bonnie Dyer from Canada as Chairperson of Judges, IDO Vice-President Hana Svehlova from Slovak Republic as Supervisor, and Vesna Huber and Ziva Laterner from Slovenia as Scrutineers. The IDO international adjudicators for the championships are:

Oliver Botterill from United Kingdom

Bernd Paffrath from Germany

Jasminka Zuglic from Croatia

Diana Gudat from United States of America

Zdenek Pilecky from Czech Republic

Julie Green from Australia

Cally Passmore and Beverley Wood from South Africa

Mihael Lampic from Slovenia

Beatrice Widmann from Switzerland

Matthew Clark from Canada

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