Apr 20, 2023


- Press Release 17/2023
The conference and round table on the theme “equal opportunities in sport” was held on the 14th of April in the historical Pretorian Palace in the coastal city of Koper, Slovenia.

One of the participants at the round table was no other than IDO Senior Vice President Fiona Johnson, also a board member of TAFISA. As a very active member in sports organizations, she pointed out how:

“Equality is not just about gender. It's also about where you were born. Perhaps you had an economically strong family that allowed you to participate in professional sports. In some religions, dancing is even forbidden for women. We are working a lot on so-called "women's quotas," but sometimes these quotas can also be offensive. We are the ones who need to make changes. They don't always appreciate you for your abilities or what you can bring to the organization. You have to use a lot of knowledge and experience, sometimes even elbows. Despite the fact that dance is a more feminine discipline, there are more men in the actual structure. Because women are often not heard. “

Apart from the main topic, the discussion was also regarding gender equality and equity. This event was organized in connection with the Billie Jean King Cup – the last qualifiers match between Slovenia and Romania. As explained by Patrik Perosa, MSc, IDO Advisor to the President, the winner of this match will join other 11 women national teams in the finals later this year.

“The story of Billie Jean King is so important for gender equity, that is the reason why we decided to organize this event”

he said.

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