Jan 11, 2023

IDO Award ceremony in Wiesbaden/Germany!

- Press Release 111/2022
IDO Vice president at large Mr. Ralf Josat honors Mrs. Barbara Weber (in memoriam) represented by her sister Felicitas "Feli" Weber and Mr. Dietmar Knoll for being part of IDO in their origin dance studio in front of the famous "Kurhaus".

Both had been an important part in the development of young IDO where „Dance Show“ (today's Show Dance) plays a big role. This two creators and choreographers of the popular "Barbara's Formation" had been milestones of its time and created the way Show- and PA formations are still using.

Together with the successors of the traditional dance studio Tanzschule Weber, Eddi Broschat and Torsten Gaßner, Ralf awarded this icons in the name of IDO.

#IDOWorldDance #ILoveIDO