Dec 13, 2021


- Press Release 175/2021

The International Dance Organization’s World Contemporary Championships start today until 15th December, in Warsaw, Poland.

The IDO Officials include Prof. Dr. Velibor Srdic from Bosnia and Herzegovina as Chairperson of Judges, Edilio Pagano from Italy as Supervisor, and Vesner Huber from Slovenia and as Scrutineer and assisted by Michal Gawron from Poland. Moderators include Pedrag Katanic from Poland and Tomasz Pilewski from Poland. The IDO international adjudicators for the championships are:

Miluse Petrova from Czech Republic

Miodrag Kastratovic from Serbia

Matthew Clark from Canada

Marica Mimi Mirceta from Slovenia

Jacek Sennewald from Poland

Claudia Laser Hartel from Germany

Marco Bjorstrom from Finland

Magdalena Kolman and Bogus Zasada from Poland

Good luck to everyone involved!

#IDOWorldDance #ILoveIDO