Dec 28, 2020


- Press Release 157/2020

The IDO World Show Dance and Tap Championships in Riesa, Germany was a superb online offering and virtual event.

Riesa Unlimited featured on the 21st and 28th November 2020, with each Saturday featuring a performing arts genre, namely Show Dance and Tap. The Organisers invited people to choose their personal unforgettable performance in Riesa.

Riesa Unlimited asked us to enjoy the many favourites dance routines and nearly 9,200 people did just that. 9,200 views online and many more thousands of social media appearances.

Riesa is well known as the ‘Olympics of Dance’ in IDO with over 70,000 dancers and 54 countries having participated in this renowned international competition. 11,000 gold silver and bronze medals have been awarded and with over 220,000 people participating as an audience. All this in 22 years!

Event Executive Producer, Michael Wendt said:

‘I am very proud of Riesa Unlimited. An extraordinary virtual platform remembering the wonderful, thrilling and exciting IDO World Championships in Riesa! We could not celebrate in its traditional manner, but we succeeded in bringing IDO into the homes, through an online offering. I hope to see everyone face-to-face at next year’s World Championships in Riesa!’

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