Oct 15, 2019


- Press Release 142/2019

The International Dance Organization’s World Hip Hop, Break Dance and Electric Boogie Championships starts today and runs for five days. The World competition will be held from the 15th to 19th October 2019 in the German city Bremerhaven.

This World Championship are organised by Tanzchule Beer, namely Andrea and Horst Beer with the support of IDO national member from Germany, TAF. 3,272 dancers from 34 countries and four continents taking part. The IDO Officials include IDO Senior Vice President Velibor Srdic from Bosnia and Herzegovina and IDO Executive Secretary Kirsten Dan Jensen from Denmark as Chairpersons of Judges, IDO Vice-President Fiona Johnson Kocjancic and Carsten Rott from Germany as Supervisors, and Marcel Schmidt-Strunk from Germany as Scrutineer. The IDO international adjudicators for the championships are:

Miriam Sorensen and Ann Aagaard from Denmark

Mark Gerowski and Georg Wondrak from Germany

Zbigniew Zasada from Poland

Victoria Butko from Russia

Zusana Bartha and Nina Simic from Slovenia

Marlon form the United Kingdom

Kai Meristo from Estonia

Olga Scoric from Moldova

Ronald Dankers and Dirk Thomas from Netherlands

Maria Fehne and Hakan Karlsson from Sweden

Andrea Pellerova from Slovak Republic

Pranav Padmachandran from India

George Hubela from United States of America – VIP Judge

Philipe Mungiele from Belgium – VIP Judge

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