Sep 24, 2019


- PRESS RELEASE 127/2019

The International Dance Organization’s IDO World Street Dance Show Championships and IDO World Disco Dance and Disco Show Cups have been described by IDO Vice President Hana Svehlova as a great competition.

The four-day IDO Championships was organised in Decin, Czech Republic by Silvie Netikova and the organising team of TS Freedom. Over 2,000 dancers took part from 16 nations. The championships also featured the celebration of World Peace Day on the 21st September 2019.

Slovenia topped the medal table with nine gold medals, out of the possible forty. Slovak Republic achieved eight gold medals, Czech Republic six gold medals, Germany five, Poland four, Ukraine three, Russia two, whilst Denmark, Italy and South Africa with one gold medal respectively.

IDO Vice-President President Dr Hana Svehlova said:

‘The IDO Championships in Decin has been a real-World event with thousands of dancers taking part. There where superb performances and all in all, the standard was very high. The competition is growing from strength to strength, thanks to Silvie and the organizing team.’

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