Apr 15, 2019



The International Dance Organisation is delighted to learn of EZtwins success, after having been invited to perform at the most prestigious televised show World of Dance!

EZtwins from Slovenia, have been competing in IDO for many years. The IDO PR Department have managed to contact the dancers and learn more about their experience:

1) What did you enjoy most about the experience in such a prestigious televised show?

Why we decided to compete at WOD in the first place was to push ourselves, challenge our artistic potential and collaborate with our good friend Tobias Ellehammer. We were all invited to the show separately but after talking about it amongst ourselves we all decided that this show is a perfect opportunity and excuse for us to collaborate which we wanted to do for quite some time already.

We can say that the thing we enjoyed the most was creating as a trio with someone that is so compatible with our style. We enjoyed the fact that we got to showcase who we are and what we do to the world. We definitely enjoyed being surrounded by so many talented dancers.

2) When did you perform?

The process of recording WOD started in October and was going on all the way up to December. Since we got kicked out in the Duels we still got to be there until the first week of November. Behind the scene, there is a lot more work then what you get to see on TV. It takes a whole week to record just one round of one category. On the day of the shoot of our Qualifier round, we were already tired from the whole week of recordings and fittings plus jet lag was kicking in. We stepped on the famous stage 12th or 13th and just promised to ourselves to do our best and be proud no matter what.

3) How were the relationships with all the other performers/competitors?

Our relationship with all the other competitors was relaxed and positive. We made some good friends on the show as well. We believe that the energy amongst everyone on the show was nice because we were all excited to be there and were being inspired by one another even though we were competitors at the end of the day.

4) How did you feel representing your country abroad and being ambassadors for your nation at this event?

We are proud knowing that we come from a country of only two million people and the fact that we got to perform in front of millions worldwide is just surreal. But we didn't really feel like ambassadors or representatives of Slovenia since we did not get any kind of support from our government or any other institution. We are always representing ourselves first.

5) What is next for EZtwins?

After WOD we plan to keep on doing what we did before and more. We are giving back to our dance community by organizing Community Workshop events, we are still planning on traveling the world and sharing our knowledge. We are getting more and more involved with industry work, especially choreographing for K-pop artists. We do want to explore the show business more as choreographers and artistic directors. On the other hand, the idea of being involved in theatre is also tempting.

The most important thing for our future is to keep on evolving and keeping our eyes open for different kind of opportunities. We believe you should never follow one path too blindly because you might miss a detour that would take you to greener pastors on the way.

The IDO congratulates EZtwins and wishes them good luck in at World of Dance and all their future endeavours.

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