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Is there something like "IDO Professional Dance Instructor"?

from Ibrahim (Turkey)

Ibrahim’s question: Is it possible to become an "IDO Professional Dance Instructor"?
I learned dancing for 9 years from famous instructors in Turkey and Europe. I have certificates from the Turkish Ministry of Education and other qualifications like a Bachelor degree and experience with a Grandprix Dance Organization organizing workshops, education, experiences exchanges and dance festivals. Please let me know what I have to do to become a Dance Instructor with your organization.


Bill’s answer: Thank you for your inquiry regarding certification by IDO.

IDO is a not for profit organization with a membership of over 95 member nations, and does not accept individual membership. It does license dancers and judges to participate in IDO events, but does not offer certification of coaches, trainers, teachers or choreographers. This type of certification is usually done by our member nations. Therefore, I am copying this email message to Alper Alakut, the President of IDO Turkey with the hopes that he will be able to offer you certification through IDO Turkey.