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Age Limit for Adult 2

from Darja (Slovenia)

Darja’s question: We are a SMALL GROUP of 7 dancers in ADULT 2 Street Dance Show. How does the age limit work? Does every dancer have to be over 30?

Bill’s answer: You find the rule governing age on page 15 of the IDO Rules Book which can be found at the IDO website. As stated by the rules, all dancers must be 31 years of age or older, with NO exceptions. Please also understand that the group as you describe in your email may participate in ADULT 1, because that age range is 16 and above.

Mini Kids: 7 and under
Children: 11 and under
Junior: 12 – 15
Adult 1: 16 and over
Adult 2: 31 and over
Senior: 50 and over