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The three year span in the duo division

from Ansell

Ansell’s question: I am sending two boys for the Bollywood competitions to Moscow. They are brothers and perform as Solo and Duo. The problem I have is that one is 17 this year, and the other is 13 this year. This means that one will take part in the Adult Solo Male, and the other in the Junior Solo Male. So when it comes to the Duo Male, they cannot compete? Or would they be allowed in Adult Duos?

This probably happens a lot with Bollywood competitions and Asian families dancing together. And it could also apply to Bollywood groups.

Bill’s answer: We did take all this into account but the most important factor is that we did not want 13 year old girls dancing with 17 year old boys. The rule is quite clear, there cannot be more than a three year span in the duo division for a dancer to dance in an older age category.

Sorry, but DIES will just not accept them.