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Can I wear my sponsor's logo in a competition?

from Sighinas Razvan (Romania)

Sighinas Razvan’s question: I will compete in the IDO World Special Couple Dance Festival in Liberec. I have a sponsor and the company wants me to put their logo on my costum. Is this possible? The logo will not be big.

Bill’s answer: According IDO rules you may wear a logo. Please follow this rule from the ISDO rule book:

Rights of the Participants attending IDO events

Each participating competitor in an IDO Event may wear or display only one
sponsor logo on their costume, as long as it is not larger than 8cm x 2.5cm, or 3.25” x 1”.
The size, shape and design may be changed by IDO when dictated by new decisions of various sport associations, sport councils or TV production companies.
All such logos must be in “good taste” and conform to the aims and ideals of IDO, as stated in the IDO Statutes. Such logos should in no way harm the image of IDO, or offend IDO officials, adjudicators, competitors or the audience.