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Can 8 dancers be enrolled as a Small Group?

from Shona (Croatia)

Shona's question: I have 8 dancers for a small group. If I register them all and it is made known to the organizer can one dancer dance the first round and the other the second round, providing they get through? If they are medal winners, is it possible to pay for an extra medal?

Bill's answer: That's a very good question. Technically, DIES would reject 8 dancers in a small group. The rule was just clarified in the IDO Rules Book which is about ready to be published. The clarification reads:

It is illegal to replace a competitor in a group or formation at one event In one discipline unless otherwise decided by Chairman, Supervisor, or the Organizer upon request of a trainer.

This rule was clarified because it was felt that it is not fair to change dancers in a group or formation, unless of course one of the dancers was injured during a competition. In that case, one of the officials could rule to allow someone to replace the injured dancer. If you have eight dancers then they should compete in the formation Division.