Ask Mr. Rules Book

Questions regarding Tap Dance rules

from Pavel (Czech Republic)

Pavel’s questions:
1. Is it necessary to have tap shoes for all dancers in the production or not?
2. Is there some age limitation for musicians in the category small group with live music – juniors?
3. Must musicians be members of IDO?

Bill’s answers:
1. Since the Production category is open to all dance disciplines any type of shoes may be worn. You may have tap dancers with tap shoes, ballet dancers with ballet or pointe shoes, acrobatic dancers with bare feet and belly dancers with bells on their ankles.

2. There is no age limit to the musicians (as long as they do not dance) in small group with live music. However, be sure that the organizer has agreed to run this event in all age divisions.

3. Musicians do not have to be licensed by the IDO and do not have to be enrolled through DIES, but you do have to let the organizer know how many and what to expect at least four (4) weeks prior to the event.

Please review all rules governing "live music for tap" on page 57 of the official Rules Book, which can be found at the IDO web site.