Ask Mr. Rules Book

What happens with your IDO membership when you move to another country?

from Bertus (South Africa)

Bertus from South Africa asks the IDO President Bill Fowler the next question in “Ask the President”:

Bertus thinks about moving to another country but still wants to compete in the IDO. He wonders if that works and for which country he is going to compete.

Bill’s answer: The rules governing representing are on page 13 of the official IDO Rules Book, which an be found by clicking Rules at the IDO web site:
I will put the rule in a nutshell for you:
You must reside in a country for at least 24 months before you can compete for that country. However, there is also a provision that if you move, you may compete for that country by writing to the IDO Presidium, through the President, who will in turn give you a dispensation and allow you to compete in your residing country. Once you have lived in a country for longer than 24 months, you may compete for that country. When you have declared which country you will represent, the IDO Presidium must approve any subsequent changes.