Questions sent by Carol Binney, USA

Can you please answer a question for me about rules for the Tap Championships?

1. If a small group or trio wins gold in the junior division but the kids move up to the adult division, do they get an automatic bid to dance in adults?
No, trio's, small groups and formations cannot move up to the next age division if their age advance. (IDO Rules Book, page 22, #3.) ((to clarify this rule, trio was inadvertently left out and now has been inserted for the next publication))

2. Or does the automatic bid go to another group or trio in juniors?
The Studio or Club owns the right to defend the championship and the dancers do not have to be the same as the ones that won the title. (same rule as above) so you can defend the championship with other or new dancers as long as the majority are juniors..

3. Or is the bid lost altogether?
No, it is not lost as explained above.